Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Almost Always

Sophie: You hold your views too strongly. You always think you are right.
Zeph: Not always! I must say I hold this view strongly! haha
Sophie: Almost always!
Zeph: Only if my view is true.
Sophie: That's what you think. At times we might not bother to correct you because we know you will not listen or accept.
Zeph: Then that is a wrong perception- I am open to discussion.
Sophie: See! you are doing it again- holding to your view.
Zeph: We are both deluded people with strong views on this issue!
Sophie: It is only your perception. Who is to decide who is right?
Zeph: Say the keyword- stubborn- when you catch me next time- then we'll see if I become closed-minded.
Sophie: You will only argue for your viewpoint until the cows come home.
Zeph: We are indeed both deluded people with strong views on this issue!
Sophie: How to give you feedback when your first reaction is that the other party is wrong without giving it deeper thought? Ask for that second or third opinion. And give it more thought.
Zeph: Okay. Either you or me or both are wrong to some extent- because we are not enlightened. I tend to think the third is true. What I mean is- we are not totally right in our perception- not that you or me are totally right or wrong. I will watch my mind carefully on this and please alert me too- that's what spiritual friends are for- right? :-] JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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