Tuesday, October 01, 2002

All My Fault

It's a sense of relief that it's always my fault-
there is absolutely no one out there to truly get me-
I can save all the energy from being angry to discover the real faults that lie in me.
No I won't use the energy to hate myself instead-
because that does not rid my faults-
I can use all the energy to love the world (which includes me) instead.

When I trip over my own feet-
and when I trip over something else,
it's never that thing's fault-
it's my carelessness.
And when someone comes to trip me over,
I must have done something to make him do so.
And if I can't remember,
it only means I was real careless, unmindful,
of what I'd done in this life,
or in a past one.

Likewise, for the person who tripped me,
it's entirely his own fault for becoming angry and expressing his anger.
As much as it is my fault to be tripped,
it is his to trip! reply

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