Friday, October 04, 2002

Losing My Religion

Michael Stipe the monk-like skinhead singing the song in his inimitable voice- on TV now. Sounds drastic, seriously existentially disturbed... I refer to the words "Losing My Religion." Seems like nothing can be worse. But what is religion? It is something that holds us together, something that we hold on to- be it religious or not. It is our highest refuge. But I would like to see losing one's religion as ultimate freedom- the detachment from our greatest attachment and need. When we do not even need refuge anymore, we have become the objects of refuge. When we no longer need to venerate the Buddhas, that is the day we have become Buddhas. By the way, "Losing My Religion", not that I do it often, is the song I sing best at karaoke haha. Ironical that it has subtly become my religious anti-religion anthem. Last words of the song- "But that was just a dream. That was just a dream." reply

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