Monday, July 07, 2003


It is amazing to me that there is the phenomenon of boarding passwngers on the subway, who block alighting ones. Because these blockers are also alighters- later- half of the time. It amazes me that the ones being peeved at being blocked might also be blockers when they are boarding. Is all tihis due to unmindfulness? Or plain selfishness such that we continually refuse to stand in others' shoes to experience their incovenience? It amazes me that day in and day out, the blockers do not learn not to block. And it amazes me that day in and day out, the ones being blocked do not learn to forgive.

Even when there are not many boading passesngers, I see boarders blocking, anxious to step in. No matter how fast you block the train, it will still leave at a fixed time. Being impatient will get you nowhere.

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