Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The Five Wonderful Precepts ~ The Key to Moral Happiness

The First Precept
Respect for Life
Not to Kill ~ To Protect
I abstain from taking life.
I shall practise compassion to protect and benefit.

The Second Precept
Respect for Personal Property
Not to Steal ~ To be Generous
I abstain from taking the not given.
I shall practise generosity to share my material and spiritual wealth.

The Third Precept
Respect for Personal Relationships
Not to Indulge ~ To be Content
I abstain from misconduct of sexual and sensual nature.
I shall practise contentment to channel my energy for spiritual development.

The Fourth Precept
Respect for Truth
Not to Lie ~ To be Truthful
I abstain from false, divisive, harsh, and useless speech.
I shall practise positive communication to bring harmony.

The Fifth Precept
Respect for Mental and Physical Well-being
Not to Take Intoxicants ~ To be Mindful
I abstain from taking intoxicants.
I shall practise mindfulness to safeguard the precepts. JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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