Friday, April 11, 2003

Ghost in the Shell

Some thoughts on the manga movie-

~ She's a cyborg who questions her "consciousness"- which is called "the ghost in the shell" of her body.

~ "Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you"

~ There is a sentient being attached to the non-sentient being that is too life-like (the cyborg).

~ The cyborg was reborn/ revivied with child cyborg's body by transfer of program.

~ Interesting idea of a superconsciousness (likened to the Dhammakaya- body of Truth that pervades all space and time) and growing consciousness- evolution of mind to embrace all.

~ Makes us question what is precious- violent humans or peaceful robots? About high technology bringing high hopes yet much fear.

~ At the end of the day, we should ask- What is this ghost in our shell?

~ Our mind is a ghost because it can't be grasped or seen properly, always flitting.

~ The ghost is an illusion- but a "real illusion" as opposed to "real reality." "Real illlusion"- REALLY an illusion. But we cannnot ignore the ilusion- we need to use it to cultivate to go beyond the illusion. Mental cultivation at the end of the day is for the relinqishment of the mind itself... exorcism of our ghosts- Enlightenment. JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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