Monday, August 04, 2003

Dharma Movie Review: City of God

In the ironically named godless city of God, we see trigger happy young men and boys who mess up their interconnectedness in blood brotherhood, friendship and enmity. Even the righteous Knockout Ned got his lights put out when he was shot by a boy whose father he had to shoot in self-defence. His father was just doing his job as a security guard and Ned his "job" as a reluctant gangster. Ned was trying to save the kid, who didn't see the senselessnes of revenge and shot Ned ungratefully in the back. Makes so much sense when the Buddha said hatred does not cease hatred, that only love does. It only takes one party to forgive or seek forgiveness to resolve hatred. We see L'il Ze messing up his friendship with best friend and partner in crime Benny by stepping overboard with no holds barred hatred and jealousy against an imaginary enemy who respects him as long as he respected him. For loyalty anfd honour amongst thieves to exist, even in among the lawless, there just has to be some rules- or all hell breaks loose. And this hell will karmically spill over to the unleashers of the hell- in this case, L'il Ze himself, as he dies shot multiple times by the street urchins called the Runts. Not capping your overflow of hatred makes no one have any reason to not hate you too.

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