Sunday, August 03, 2003

I Am God?

"Be still and know that 'I' am God." -God in Psalm 46

If we wanna be religiously ecumenical (embrace other religions with our thinking), then this is interesting- as when one is truly still, there is no sense of any internal or external "I", which is when "I" can then be known as "God" in the sense of the all powerful, the highest truth- of non-self (Anatta).

Dun take this seriously. But this the above intepretation of a selective scriptural verse is an example of how ecumenical cults fool around with scriptural texts from different religions (including Buddhism) to combine all religions, coming up with the supposedly "most superior" religion.

"Be still and know you are your God-
your own creator, creator of your own world, yours almighty." -stonepeace

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