Monday, August 04, 2003

Win-Win Wins!

Do you see winning as a personal achievement?
Or do you see helping others to win a greater achievement?
Must there be a losing for there to be winning?
Why can’t we all win together?

If you lose,
can you win mentally by accepting defeat?

If you win,
can you win by not letting pride go to your head?

If someone loses to you,
can you win him as a friend with your compassion?

If someone wins you,
can you win by rejoicing in his happiness?

“Greater than one who wins a hundred battles,
is one who conquers oneself.”
Thus the Buddha won the toughest battle,
by realising the truth of Anatta (non-self/selflessness/egolessness).
He teaches that True Happiness
is bringing happiness to one and all selflessly-
for sharing your happiness doubles your joy
while bringing joy to others!

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