Monday, August 04, 2003

Why Use Dharma Labels?

The Dharma is whatever is true (in line with reality) or in line with the Buddha's teachings. So in this sense, the famous people you quote are indeed speaking the Dharma in line with BuddhaDharma, even if they do not know it. But when we share the Dharma, is it better to share it with or without Dharma terms and labels (subtle or not so), with or without quoting the Buddha or famous Buddhists?

If the objective is just to share the Dharma in the short run, it might be okay to share it without Dharma labels or quoting the Buddha and famous Buddhists. If the objective is to share the Dharma in the long run, it might be a better idea to share it with Dharma labels or quoting the Buddha and famous Buddhists- because it lets the reader know that the wisdom shared is Buddhist, that he can discover more wisdom in Buddhism.

Otherwise, the reader is learning Dharma in bits and pieces from quotes from different people and religions... He might feel lost, thinking they are all the same, not knowing that Buddhism teaches the ultimate Truth, missing the point that we are trying to point him to Buddhism.

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