Sunday, May 11, 2003

Connecting the Heart & Mind

A friend could not practise Loving-kindness for a whole... His heart felt numb. His meditation teacher discovered that his heart and mind were disconnected. He knew about Loving-kindness and wants to cultivate it, but his heart was too hurt to send love.

Connect your heart and head (mind), feel what you know and know what you feel. Only then are your reason (Wisdom) and emotion (Compassion) in sync. In the Chinese language, "heart" and "mind" are represented by the same character- "xin". Perhaps the ancient were wise enough to know that they are one, or meant to be one.

Interestingly, the term for happiness is "kai xin"- which can mean "open-hearted" or "open-minded". When either heart or mind is closed, it ceases to be connected to the world, to others' hearts and minds. This rings true as since we are all interdependent, how can we be truly happy if we do not connect to the very ones whom we are dependent upon? JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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