Sunday, January 19, 2003

All is Vanity

Saw a book titled "All is Vanity" in a bookshop. I would like to extend that by saying that "All is vanity... if it is for passing happiness for oneself; and not lasting happiness (Enlightenment) for everyone." We are all vain in whatever we do, which we think will bring ourselves lasting happiness, which only passes. The mistake is in assuming True Happiness to be able to be found in the material and mental realm. The mistake is also in having selfishness, having the illusion of self, leading us to seek egocentric happiness in vain. As long as happiness circles around the self, it will not last. Lasting happiness is True Happiness and it possible only in Enlightenment where one realises non-self and is thus willing to selflessly help others realise happiness. Vanity is a result and symptom of continual wanting. True Happiness is making peace with here and now- it is the end of wanting (craving). Living for anything else, we live in vain. (What do you see in the picture? An ugly skull or a beautiful woman looking at herself... in vain?)JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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