Saturday, January 11, 2003


K: Tell you an open secret... I have been reading your writings and always think to myself : finally here's one balanced person with superb knowledge of the Buddhadharma and abundance of creative brain juice! Just like how you articulate the thoughts, your literary skill and your application of Buddhist principles in daily life.. and with such a refined sense of humor. So, even if I can't last long here, at least, I have no regrets, for I have met THE Zeph. Just some frank personal opinions, not meant to lift u up sky high.... by the way, I am convinced you are already enlightened...therefore, have compassion on me ...helpppppppp...... : )

Z: Thanks for the support! No la I am not enlightened. Let us all save each other!

ZhiYi: Just read this. Can't help but smile- these pieces truly are more digestible, absorbable and connectable. Keep it up - err . . coming.

U: I like the blog website though...

Purplestar: I have been reading your article and was very touched by your efforts to create a new breakthrough online diary to enhance readers to give a thought of our daily happenings in in life. The thoughts after digest helps me to be SUI YUAN (let unchangeable situations be) in the positive manner. The cream that I really learn is how to forgive others with an open mind. It really help me to be calm in handling matters. However, at times I have to take many tablets to digest your dairy. Kindly put a note on the Dharma terms you use so as to save time for people like me still attending the kindergarden class in Dharma reading. Zeph, the contents are really good enough to be published. To me, the diary actually brings out the three poisons in life and methods to be detached from these toxins on the way to enlightenment. Really hope to see your 366 articles in town for reading. Cheers!!!

Z: Thanks! I will put bracketed short glossaries after difficult terms.

SehNee: (on publishing this stuff) Go for it. I don't think it's crappy ... i think it would be good. JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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