Saturday, January 11, 2003

Reply 1 : The First Taxi

V: "The first taxi" is a lousy example on our perception being relative. When we think someone has cut queue while we've waited hideously long for an unhired/un-oncalled taxi, we are talking about who came first. It's got nichts to do with the queue being in front or behind. It's basic civilised behaviour to let someone who was there earlier than us have the coming taxi. That's what I'd do whether or not I'm standing in front or behind that person. As long as she/he is there first, the taxi is theirs.It's COMMONSENSE!Already I'm appalled with the people here for the lack of this basic courtesy! It's happened to me one time too often. Especially annoying when I've stood under the hot sun for more than half hour.

Z: I understand your frustration from the encounters. However, notice that the article had the words "we tend to think he cut queue- be it intentionally or not." There are many cases when people "cut queue" without noticing they are doing so. There are also times when we come out of a building and head straight for the kerb in front, not realising there are many people behind where we stand. There can be so many that you can't even see clearly where is the "last"- does it mean you will walk all the way to the "end"? (This is especially true for busy roads like Orchard.) Or should we just head for a proper queue as in a taxi stand?

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