Monday, January 13, 2003


I discovered an interesting phenomenon. It is near impossible for the most people to feel lust towards handsome Buddha images and beautiful Bodhisattva images. This is because they are "designed" to be spiritually awe-inspiring, not physically "lust-inspiring." Their beauty is that to the extent of being majestic, magnificent; instead of "gorgeous" in the street sense of the word. This very interesting- true beauty does not spur lust; it puts it at rest. Whenever I see someone who has this similar effect (eg. the picture above- I don't know her, but this particular pose has that effect to some extent), I'm reminded of the truth that the truly physically beautiful are so because of their true spiritual beauty. It's the real definition of "cool"! I have seen many friends who in certain instances look incredibly magnificent- these are glimpses of the brilliant Buddha-Nature within. On the other hand, great spiritual beauty is sometimes not shown physically- external changes can take time to catch up internal changes! It would be a great misgiving of mine if you were to take the message of this article to mean it is okay to judge by appearance, for nothing is further from the truth. JoinMailingList4LatestUpdates/Reply

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