Saturday, September 21, 2002

Are You Loving a Stranger?

Something that happened a fortnight ago-
this is a good zen-like lesson on the importance of continual communication in relationships
and Anatta (non-self or the constantly changing and thus unreal "self")
Sid was seeing Lo home one night...

Sid: (with arms wide open)
Lo: (pushes him off gently)
Sid: Didn't you remind me to remind you that we should hug every time we meet?
Lo: But you seem like a stranger! I can't hug a stranger.
Sid: What do you mean? We'd been together for years!
This reminds me that Freud, the founder of Modern Psychology once said,
"I do not know what women want!"
Lo: Don't you see? We havn't been seeing each other or communicating for about a week already.
So I don't "know" you well enough at the moment! reply

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