Saturday, September 21, 2002

The Resolution Solution

This birthday thingie today set me thinking about setting spiritual resolutions and about how they can easily be ineffective once one loses mindfulness of them throughout the year. The idea struck me that it might work better if a bunch of spiritual friends, after "celebrating" the birthday of one of the gang, do the simple "ritual" of witnessing the birthday boy or girl's setting of resolutions. They should do likewise for each other's birthdays ... and help each other periodically, say every one or two months, to review, remind and renew each other's set resolutions- or even set "upgraded" ones! In other words, everyone in the spiritual circle makes the Bodhisattva resolution of being each other's resolution Bodhisattva! This simple exercise does seem to neatly sum up the essence of the value of spiritual friendship, doesn't it? Let me suggest this idea to my friends tomorrow! reply

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