Thursday, September 12, 2002

Theory on Sharing of Merit

Theoretically, when we try to dedicate our merit to someone who has already passed away, and who is already reborn into another life, with a new identity, this person cannot receive the merits. This is probably because we cling to the certain being in a certain form, which is no longer relevant to the person in reality.

What can we do then, in order to let our merit reach this person? We can instead dedicate merit to all beings, one of whom is naturally the being you wish to dedicate merit to. You might think there is not enough merit to go around for all beings. But is this true? The motivation of wishing one's accrued merit to benefit all in the first place magnifies the merit! Thus, paraodxically, the more merit you share with more beings, the more merit the being who was the initial cause for the merit making and dedication gets, in comparison to dedicating merit to him alone. This works whether he is already reborn or not. This is the power of generousity, of sharing goodness. reply

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