Thursday, September 12, 2002

The More the "Merit-ier" (Merrier)

Derrick: Can merit be multiplied by the numbers of Dharma or good emails we forward?
Zeph: Why not? Karma works everywhere! Cyberspace is not virtual samsara; it is part of it! Real! So the law of cause and effect still works online! If you forward an email thoughtfully to many friends with the motivation of sharing the gift of Truth, you can get good karma multiplied by the number of people you CC! But if you spam everyone in your address book carelessly, without consideration of whether they will appreciate such a mail, you are likewise multiplying your negative karma just as easily by leaps and bounds!
Derrick: This seems to make the accumulation of merit easy in this internet age! Good karma creation at the speed of broadband at the click of a button!
Zeph: Is it so? It depends. Good karma by way of email- might be a case of easy come, easy go. Too many cooks spoil the soup! Everything in moderation! The Middle Path! A person sharing the Dharma skillfully offers the right dosages at the right time to the right people in the right way. Email is not necessarily the best way and is definitely not the only way! reply

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