Thursday, September 19, 2002

Mindfully Careful

Tok: Interesting site zeph... just one question, what do u think is the diff between mindful and careful? Let me give it a shot, mindfulness is a technique that the Buddha taught. A person practicing mindfulness watches the raising and falling of the 5 aggregates. The aim is to see the real nature of all phenomenon, which is the 3 universal char. The person is an "active-listener". It is very different from being careful or even being thoughtful, both of which, by themselves lacks right thoughs and right views.

I find the word mindfulness being mis use in situations. Placing your shoes and slippers neatly at a meditation retreat is not mindful, its thoughtful. crossing the road safely is abt being careful, not mindful. tell me what you think..

Zeph: Haha... I agree with you! But to be careful, we have to be mindful too. Let's just say mindfulness is maximum carefulness with our mind!reply

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