Saturday, September 21, 2002

Reply 1 : Birthday Boy's Blues

Email Exchange-

Uen: Zeph, Don't just pay lip service to practise. In your earlier article One Good Glimpse you correctly pointed out that meditation practise was the way to enlightenment. And yet when I asked you yesterday how often you practise. I get the idea that regular meditation practise is not part of your routine. It is time to wake up, Birthday Boy! Put your money where your mouth is. Words are easy but practising what you preach is more important. And in this case the ultimate challenge and reward.

Zeph: Wo! This got cc-ed to Hong and Lynn... I liao already! (It's over for me!) Haha. ok la I know! And gimme pressure when I slack ok? That's what spiritual friends are for right? Hehe

Uen: Haha. I know. It was done deliberately. They are closer to you and see you more often, it was a pressuring tactic so they can also remind you ; )

Zeph: Wicked but kind- thanks. Haha

Zeph: (later, after 2 hours of meditation at Awareness Place Meditation Centre) I am quite happy with my meditation today! Hehe reply

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