Wednesday, September 18, 2002

An "Un-Daily" Diary

I was thinking... am I so undisciplined that I can't keep a daily-updated diary? It's been 6 days since the last entry! On hindsight, not really. Afterall, a diary has to reflect real life. If I don't feel like writing for a certain day, or if I can't find the time, well, that's it! That's the way it goes. I think it is common assumption that a good diary has to be as the word "diary" seem to imply- written on a daily basis. Well, that's not the way I define it now. A good diary is an honest one- that has blanks when there are blanks, that fills in the blanks when they should be filled in. What's important is that the significant thoughts and events are recorded... not necessarily on time, but in good time- in time that is true, not real time! See the subtle difference? This reminds me of the quote of the day by Alfred Hitchcock I saw at Library@Esplanade on Saturday, "Drama is life with its dull parts cut out." Here you are then! My "dramatic" diary which spares you the unnecessary monotony of mundane life! Haha... does it sound like an elaborate excuse for my lack of discipline? You decide! (By the way, this was written and blogged not at 1.35pm on 9/19. It is now 12.18am on 9/20!)reply

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