Sunday, September 22, 2002


Zephie: I am going for a series of personal counselling sessions to help unravel the hidden depths of my personality iceberg and to vanquish my inner demons!
Sophie: Don't go with your preconceived ideas! Keep an open mind.
Zephie: Of course! I dislike liars- even if it is me. How to seek truth if we lie to ourselves? What's the point of counselling if it is a rationalisation session? Haha... an open mind also means the possibility that the counsellor mis-diagnoses! In the end, it is always self-reflection that will save oneself. It is the First Noble Truth of acknowledging the reality of a problem when there is one. If we listen to shrinks all the time, we are at their mercy! If one sees psychiatrists, it might be worse! Medication and all... that can alter your moods! On the other hand, no shrink can help one who refuses to see a real problem as one! It is like the Buddha showing us the path to Enlightenment- shrinks can only point the way- we have to walk it! reply

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