Thursday, September 12, 2002

The Humble Shall See the Truth

A: I am always right. No one corrects me these days.
Z: You right because no one corrects you? Or are you so wrong to think you are always right, that no one wishes to speak against you anymore? If you are always right, you are a Buddha already. We hide the Truth from ourselves by ourselves. Maybe your self-righteousness and over-confidence about the Truth is shielding you from the Truth. No one hides the Truth from us- we cause it to be hidden by our attitudes, one of which is arrogance. A true Truthseeker begins by convincing himself that he is more often wrong than right, that he needs corrections from many people. In this way, he unshields himself from the Truth and gets closer to it. It is thus an essential quality that all earnest Dharma practitioners should be humble. After all, only the Buddha has no need to be humble. But even so, He does not put on any airs, radiating only Compassion to all, be they humble or proud. reply

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