Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Hell is...

"Hell is other people." -Jean Paul Satre (One of the founder of Existentialism

"Paranoia is Hell-
the deeply gnawing suspicion that others are out to get you;
when it is you getting yourself, relatively or ultimately." -Zeph

The demons tormenting one in hell are as real as the people giving you hell in life now.
But they are only as real as you choose to see them to be.
Everything is mind-made.
Everything starts resolving from the mind.

See them as wrathful Bodhisattvas training your patience, exhausting your ill karma,
and their demonic-ness disappear.
It doesn't even matter whether they are really demons or not.

But of course, stand up to the demons when they do you wrong,
when the situations permit.
For they might be neither demons nor bodhisattvas,
but ignorant sentient beings like us,
creating hell of a lot of bad karma,
creating future hell for themselves,
for creating hell for you.

They will get their just deserts,
just like the hell you go through now are yours! reply

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