Saturday, September 21, 2002

Debunking the Myth of Randomness

Was thinking of writing a final entry for the night but had no topic in mind. I wanted a random topic, so I went to and keyed in the word "random", where I came across something interesting...

This following paragraph is from

The true random numbers are generated using atmospheric noise which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random numbers typically generated by computer programs. If you want to know more, read the introduction to randomness and random numbers or go back to the main page.
I find this amusing because this webpage seems to scientifically objectively generate randomness when it does not! It assumes atmospheric noise as random, when it is an exact science! Exact in the sense that even noise occurs accordingly as specific effects subject to the coming together of other specific natural causes and conditions, which are in turn subject to other causes and conditions. Randomness does not exist in the universe! Even the results of rolling dice can be calculated from the die shape, weight distribution, the way it was thrown, the energy is was thrown with... Okay, calculation of the results might be near impossible- it seems as if the whole universe is involved in such a simple act, but the idea is there- there is nothing that occurs by chance in the physical world of mechanics.

How does this relate to us? A lot! If the physical world, which is very complex, does not operate by chance, we have every reason to believe that neither does the mental and moral world, which is much more complex. In fact, the more complex something is while having the ability to be stable means there are proper laws at work. Cause and effect on the physical plane is called the law of casuality. On the mental plane, we call it Karma! And yes... since the physical and mental laws of cause and effect operate simultaneously in this world, in this space-time continumn, they inevitably interact. Thus, physical events, such as windfalls or strokes of misfortune that happen to us are not accidents, but the operating of the law of karma. Vice versa, we can generate mental intentions to create, say, a paradise on Earth, and indeed effect it upon the physical world through collective green efforts.
For fun, here's a sequence of numbers randomly generated from the website above-


What does it mean? Given the fact that it is not by chance that you deserve to see this very string of numbers? What can you do with it? Buy lottery numbers? Haha... Do drop me a mail if it appears to have significance to you! No convoluted theories please! reply

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