Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Are YOU in the Dharma-Ending Age?

Here is what i see as a sure way to the answer to the above.
It might seem like a funny question-
but i see the Dharma-Ending Age as a personalised experience instead of a generalised one.
It's relative when you really think of it.
You could be a worm squirming in the dirt near the Buddha's feet 2500+ years ago;
instead of a disciple in front of Him.
That's definitely not the True Dharma Age for you back then, isn't it?

To know the answer to the question in the header,
ask yourself this-
"Are you confident of making irreversible progress towards Enlightenment in this life?"
If your answer is "No,"...
Wake up! Snap out of YOUR Dharma-Ending Age!

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