Friday, September 06, 2002

Going for Overseas Dharma Studies

Jas and Ally are going to Taiwan for 3 years of Dharma studies in a Taiwanese Buddhist Institute.
We were having a kinda farewell gathering at CityLink's YabaDooba just now.
2 interesting things happened...

1. The girls got into a photo-snapping spree for remembrance... a little emotional. This is totally understandable. But makes me think of attachment (to form, thus pictures) and detachment (to worldly life, as they go for semi-monastic lifestyle)... The duo might join the Sangha in time, who knows? This trip is already like semi-renunciation of worldly life. Best wishes to them.

2. Lynn remarked that should they ever feel demoralised while studying, they should reflect on whether they had genuinely learnt Dharma there. If yes, they should remind themselves that the studies are indeed worth staying for. If no, they should reflect that they had already made it all the way to Taiwan, and should not leave without the Dharma! Haha... smart girl.

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