Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Spiritual Events

During lunchbreak, we were discussing about a colleague's coming wedding dinner.
One of us exclaimed, "Oh dear, it might be Sandy Lam's concert night!
I'd been looking forward to it. But wouldn't want to miss the dinner either!"
I remarked, "Go for the concert- it is a more spiritual thing."
She replied, "Is it?"
I said, "Oh okay, then go for dinner!"

Concerts have always been spiritual events for me.
That's nothing fantastic- since everything should be spiritual to us.
But if you have to choose, would you go for the worldly or the spiritual?
Am not saying weddings aren't spiritual events.
They obviously are so- to the newly-weds. But are they, to the guests?
Maybe it will lead them to reflect on the meaning of love, committment, attachment, detachment...

Depeche Mode's concert some 8 years back was a sacred magical spiritual ritual to me.
I remember the review the next day in the papers described the event being "like a secret cult meeting."
Music should never be solely for entertainment in my opinion.
Like this Stonepeace Blogspot, it should be entertaining and enlightening!
Otherwise, it is a worldly thing- not worth our fuss.

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