Thursday, September 05, 2002

We Are All Schizos!

Slightly amusing email from a Venerable whom I approached to be a regular writer for But what he says is true of me too- too often do i look back at my writing and am intrigued that "i" actually wrote them. That's because it is simple- "i" did not. haha. It is strange but that's how it works- shape-shifting "selves" penning things and forgetting them- someone else wrote the stuff i wrote in the past.
Dear Zeph,

There is no need to ask permission to use any of my stuff; there is copyleft on everything I write, not copyright.

I cannot --- or will not --- accede to your request to contribute things for your publication on a regular basis, as I am a writer by inspiration rather than discipline, and many months pass between periods of inspiration, so that it seems I am not the person who wrote all that stuff before; perhaps I'm schizophrenic, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Best Wishes from (Ven.) A_____

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