Friday, September 06, 2002

Reply 2 : Working in a Temple Vs Working "Outside"


Sophie: You don't know the difference because you have not worked in a commercial environment before. Believe me there is still a difference.
Zeph: The difference we see from where we are, but our karma might not let us experience the difference.
Sophie: Maybe it is already your good karma to be working in a Dharma environment. haha.
Zeph: Er... its the other way round too maybe- meaning if i go outside, my karma might not "allow" me to experience any "harsh" reality! haha.
Sophie: I don't think you are cultivated to that level yet! haha.
Zeph: Woah... someone is cultivated enough to withstand harsh reality out there! Wah!
Sophie: Aiyah! You don't get it. I mean that I don't think you are cultivated to that level where you can be total equanimous about some happenings. Trust me it's not that easy. And I definitely am not there yet, I readily admit it.
Zeph: Ok la... haha. Know what you mean. But truth is that there is nothing more difficult and challenging than trying to help all beings advance towards Enlightenment, constantly coming up with skillful means... It only seems relatively easy now because the REAL work is not really done yet. There is lots more to be done.

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