Friday, September 06, 2002

Fixing Samsara

Here are amusing extracts from an email from a Dharma brother,
about a translated Dharma book by Chan Master Ven. Sheng Yen, which i helped proofread...

"of the problems still remaining seem to be caused by the process of converting from the Word format to Quark Express. In particular I refer to the corruption in several cases of the word 'samsara' to 'sa sara' and 'sa msara.' Why this is happening I have no idea, but it is very ironic that Quark chooses this particular word to screw up, reminding us that we exist in samsara.... On page 48, footnote 1, second line, there is a broken samsara only this time, it is 'sa msara.'...... In footnote 2, another example of 'sa sara.' ......If you find a broken 'samsara' please fix it. It will either be broken as 'sa sara' or 'sa msara.' I don't know why Quark can't even be consistent about its mistakes."

About the last line, well, Samasra is "inconsistent", is it not? That's why it is Samsara, chaos. (though there is the hidden order of karma within unseen by unenlightened eyes) Haha

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