Thursday, September 05, 2002

Diary- From Notebook to Blog

Another past diary entry relevant here... about 2 years later. Deja Vu...
This one comes chronologically before the next entry below.
This entry makes me seriously wonder how long i can keep this up- regular blogging that is.

Re-starting a Diary

I don't think I will have the time to read my diaries- even in my old age- if I were to start keeping diaries from this day. But I guess it isn't important. I see diary-writing more as a daily ritual for self evaluation. In this sense, the writing itself serves its purpose. I don't look to being old and retired, reading my diaries in the balcony, busking in the evening sun. Life is too short to hanker on the past- even by reading past ups and downs. Of course, I'm not all that totally unsentimental- even right now, I do flip back my past diaries once in a while, to reminisnce memories. I havn't been keeping a regular diary for several years. This is another attempt, and I do hope to keep the record running. Writing is therapeutic to me and it is not unlike laziness to visit the doctor when ill that I don't write regularly.

So why start a diary today? Lynn is entering a 14 day meditation retreat today. And we promised each other to keep a spiritual diary while we are apart.. and beyond. So this is not exactly a special day- but the conditions are ripe- or you wouldn't be seeing these very words. Every day is a good day to do something worthwhile. But of course, some days, we might require some thought transformation to see a "feel not so good" day as good. Everyday is an empty day I would say- it can be as good or bad as you choose to see it. I like the idea- I started a diary on an empty day. Empty days are full of possibilities- lovely. But of course, my attachment to their loveliness renders them unempty. How our attachments spin us in circles!

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