Thursday, September 05, 2002

Reply 1 : Working in a Temple Vs Working "Outside"

Yeap! What makes a temple, a temple and a commercial office, a commercial office come in two form. The internal and external, which means, the person can be situated in a commercial office but bears a Bodhicitta mind, that premise becomes his/her temple of practice. On the other hand, if someone who works in the temple but filled with defilement and lack of spiritual enthusiastic to progress, that temple becomes no different from a commercial office clouded with constant office politics.

That is why, Shi Fu send us a very strong message that we need to be "rich" in our spiritual practice in order to "keep" us progress along this path. I think no one will have strong objection to Shi Fu recommendation to strenghten our spiritual practice! Sadhu!(3x)

With Metta,

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