Thursday, September 05, 2002

Reply 1 : Open Diary

Hi Friends,

I think it is good idea to have a nature of natural/honest voice from all corners who are real interested of their own mind/speech/action about their daily sincere dharma activities, be it for self-evaluation or self-reflection or daily news or other purposes. It is like self-service daily newsprint for all those who are interested in Dharma in their most honest & sincere form. It is being sincere/honest in its most natural form- like all sentient being see, hear, smell, taste, feel & think whoever/wherever/whenever/however/whatever/whyever in the nature of dependent arising. Isn't that the IT technology clearly & soundly do have an access allowing us to have this possible approach/attitude or we still attach to this & that worries of control or disciplinary form? Zeph, that make everybody playing a role for your goodness as well as those who work so hard in this regular TDE's outlet. Think about a workable system then! Bye!


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